The Tough Stuff SKUNKED Laundry Additive

by The Tough Stuff
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  • Strong odour neutralising laundry additive
  • Formulated with a mixture of seventy essential oils and odour eliminating technology
  • Immediate relief of strong odours including skunk
  • Available in a 16 fl oz bottle
  • Made in the USA

The Tough Stuff SKUNKED Laundry Additive is an odour neutralising formula that eliminates strong odours including skunk smell that are stuck on your clothes or your pet's bed. This additive is formulated with a mixture of seventy natural essential oils with odour eliminating technology that immediately targets and neutralises the molecules that cause the bad smell. Leaving your clothing and your dog's bed skunk free.

Please see the specifications tab for more information. Available in a 473 ml (16 fl oz.) bottle, made in the USA. 


Added 2-3 fl oz of laundry additive to your everyday laundry detergent with clothes effected by the strong odours and allow items to dry. If odours are still present repeat process.  

Keep away from children. This product is not meant to be digested or have contact eyes. If ingested drink milk or water. Any contact with eyes, please flush with water, any other problems arise, please see a physician. Immediately stop using the product if there an allergic reaction occurs. 

water, nonionic surfactant, sodium xylene sulfonate, odour counteractant, ethanol, polyethene glycol, preservative, citric acid. (does not contain dye)