Sprinkle & Sweep Mess & Odor Cleanup Aid and Deodorizer

by Sprinkle & Sweep
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  • Quick, odour-free cleanup of urine, poo, vomit, hairballs, diarrhea, and more
  • Coconut Activated Carbon - Permanently eliminates odour release at the source
  • Essential oil aroma of bamboo, mint & lime - Leaves area smelling great
  • Dehydrates pet waste for easier temporary disposal indoors
  • Multipurpose - Great for both pet and human messes 
  • Great for homes with puppies 
  • Non-toxic - Pet and family safe.
  • Available in 15 oz (425 g) bags
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Sprinkle & Sweep is an all-in-one modernized approach to quickly cleaning urine, poo, vomit, diarrhea, hairballs, and more! Say goodbye to the days of touching pee and poo-soaked paper towels, and the involuntary breath hold that often accompanies this outdated process. 

The Sprinkle & Sweep Mess & Odor Cleanup Aid and Deodorizer is effective and easy to use. Simply sprinkle on, sweep in, and dispose for a stink-free and hands-off cleanup! Powered by coconut-activated carbon, nature's most effective deodorizer, it safely locks in pungent odours on contact. Meanwhile, a blend of bamboo, mint, and lime essential oils leaves the area smelling heavenly! Sprinkle & Sweep is the ultimate solution for fuss-free cleaning of all pet accidents indoors on any hard surface. We are environmentally conscious and are proud to create the very best in pet and family-safe solutions for today's pet-loving home.

This product is available in 15 oz (425 g) bags. Please see the specifications tab for directions. Made in the U.S.A.


Step 1: Completely cover pet waste with Sprinkle & Sweep. 

Step 2: Sweep inward, keeping product between broom and mess to keep bristles clean. 

Step 3: Sweep into dustpan & dispose. If any residue remains, apply more and swirl in a circular motion until zero residue is achieved.