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    Petmate Clean Response Aluminum Spade & Pan
    Petmate Clean Response Aluminum Spade & Pan
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    Petmate Clean Response Aluminum Rake & Pan
    Petmate Clean Response Aluminum Rake & Pan
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    Petmate Clean Response Claw Scoop
    Petmate Clean Response Claw Scoop
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Frequently Asked Dog Poop Bag Questions

How to refill a dog poop bag dispenser?

To refill a dog poop bag dispenser with poo bags, simply open the compartment, insert a new roll of bags, and thread the first bag through the dispenser opening.

Are all dog poop bags biodegradable?

Not all dog poop bags are biodegradable; it depends on the specific product. Many eco-friendly options are made from biodegradable materials.

Are dog poop bags bad for the environment?

Traditional plastic dog poop bags can contribute to environmental harm if not disposed of properly. Choosing biodegradable options helps minimize the impact. Even biodegradable poop bags aren't great for the environment, but they are better than the alternative.

Are dog poop bags recyclable?

Some dog poop bags are recyclable, but not all. Always check the packaging for recycling information to make an environmentally conscious choice.

Are dog poop bags smell-proof?

While many dog poop bags claim to be smell-proof, their effectiveness may vary. It's recommended to tie the bags securely to contain odours.

How does a poop scooper work?

A poop scooper typically consists of a long handle and a scoop mechanism that allows pet owners to pick up dog waste without direct contact, promoting cleanliness and hygiene.

Shop Dog Poop Bags in Canada

Dog poop bags are more than just a pet owner's must-have essential– they're also a responsible choice contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment.

Designed for the conscientious dog owner, poop bags offer a convenient and hygienic solution to the inevitable task of picking up after our furry friends when you visit a park or some other location. Many people opt to invest in a dog poop bag holder that they can clip to their belt or purse. The dog poop bag dispenser discreetly holds the dog waste bags until you need one.

Eco-Friendly Choices

Crafted from durable materials, compostable dog poop bags provide a reliable barrier between your hands and the mess, ensuring a clean and hassle-free experience. Many dog poop bag options are environmentally friendly.

Biodegradable dog poop bags are made from biodegradable materials that break down naturally to form compost, minimizing the ecological impact. Eco-friendly plastic poop bags have been made from recycled plastic. And lastly, Compostable poop bags are designed to break down much quicker under the correct conditions.

Invest in eco-friendly and compostable dog poop bags Canada if you want to make a difference in the community and the world.

The convenience of dog poop bags extends beyond the walk in the park. Compact and easy to carry, they seamlessly integrate into your daily routine. Whether strolling through the neighbourhood, hiking in the great outdoors, or simply enjoying quality time with your pup, having a stash of dog poop bags ensures you're always prepared.

Beyond their functional aspects, dog poop bags demonstrate a commitment to community cleanliness. Responsible disposal of pet waste reduces the risk of water pollution and helps maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. Choosing the right dog poop bags is a small yet impactful step toward creating a pet-friendly world that's also respectful of the planet.

Pick a Poop Scoop for Dogs

A dog poop scooper is a tool designed to pick up dog waste without the need for individual dog poop bags. Use a dog poop scooper in your yard to effortlessly dispose of waste from the landscape.

Dog poop scoopers are usually available in two designs, the claw hook and the rake with pan.

The claw-style poop scoops can be used one-handed by just squeezing the handle to open the claw, positioning the claw around the poop and releasing the handle to close. Rake scoopers require two hands but are often better for scooping larger poops and when dealing with tall grass or rocky terrain.

Using a poop scooper in place of dog poop bags eliminates the need for individual bag disposal and can be a more environmentally friendly option. It also provides a hands-free method for picking up waste, promoting cleanliness and hygiene during dog walks.