One Fur All Lilac Garden Candle

by One Fur All
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  • Pet odorising candle - Lilac fragrance
  • Made from natural soy wax and essential oils
  • Long lasting - burns approx 60 - 70 hours
  • Non-toxic, allergen and dye-free - uses no paraffin or petroleum by-products
  • Comes in a 1.5 oz mini candle or a large 9 oz candle 
  • Made in the USA

One Fur All Candles are an all-natural product that eliminates unwanted odours and leaves your house like freshly bloomed lilacs. Made from natural soy wax mixed with One Fur All's signature blend of essential oils, this candle is non-toxic and free from harmful toxins that traditional candles can contain such as carcinogens, lead, toluene, formaldehyde and other toxins that can affect the respiratory and the nervous system of our pets and ourselves.

One Fur All candles can burn approximately 60 - 70 hours long and comes in either a 42 g (1.5 oz) mini candle or a large 255 g (9 oz) candle with a reusable jar that can store a variety of items or treats when the candle is used up. One Fur All Candles are non-toxic, allergen, dye free and contains no paraffin or petroleum by-products. Please see the specifications tab for more information. Made in the USA.     


Before each lighting, please trim the wick to 1/4", it is recommended to burn candle only for two to three hours at a time, let it cool before re-lighting and remove any debris that may be within the wax pool. 

Please keep the candle away from items that are flammable or can easily catch on fire. Burn within sight, on a stable heat resistant area and keep away from pets and children. Glass container may become hot to touch during and after lighting, use caution when moving.