Bark Potty All-Natural Multi-Use Disposable Pet Potty

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  • Disposable Eco-Friendly Pet Potty
  • Uses a combination of bark, natural ingredients and cardboard line
  • breaks downs odours absorb liquid and leak proof
  • Top netting prevents kickup and keeps bark inside the box
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors - shelf-stable, easy to clean and lasts up to a month
  • Available only in one size - suitable for toy to medium dog breeds 

Bark Potty All-Natural Multi-Use Disposable Pet Potty is an all-natural eco-friendly pet potty that is a great alternative to training pads or artificial grass. Using a combination of bark to absorb liquid and neutralize odours while the cardboard box liner and built-in tray will keep liquids contained. The top netting on the top will prevent the bark from being kicked up and can last for up to a month and can be recycled and replaced with a new pet potty for easy cleanup. 

This product can be used inside, outside, and shelf-stable, so it can be stored away for later use. Available only in one size, 40x60 cm (16x24") and is suitable for toy to medium-sized dog breeds.