Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Spin N' Eat Puzzle

by Outward Hound
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  • Spinning barrel with two kibble openings
  • Level 2 dog food puzzle feeder
  • Great for stimulation, decreasing boredom and as a slow feeder
  • Fits up to two cups of kibble
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Made with food-grade plastic, free of PVC, BPA, lead & phthalates
  • Suitable for all dog breeds

Make your dog's mealtime more fun and stimulating with Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Spin N' Eat Puzzle. This feeder will stimulate your pup's problem-solving skills, decreasing boredom while also extending mealtime. It is easy to use, just fill up the barrel with kibble and place it in front of your dog; they will learn to release the kibble by nudging or pawing the barrel to get it spinning.

The Dog Spin N' Eat puzzle feeder is suitable for all dog breeds and made with food-grade plastic, free of PVC, BPA, lead & phthalates. Please see the specification tab for more information about this product.

Spin N' Eat Puzzle Measurements

15.7 H x 29.5 L x 25 W cm (6.18" H x 11.61" L x 9.84" W)


Please supervise your dog at all times with this toy and inspect it before and after use. If any parts become damaged or separated, please replace the toy. Once your dog is done with the puzzle, high five, praise your best friend, then remove the toy away until it is time to use it again. If it is your dog's first time using the toy, you will have to show them how it works.

Nina Ottosson interactive dog toys can be cleaned using warm running water and mild soap, please rinse thoroughly. Air dry before next use.