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Dog Slow Feeder FAQs

What to put on a lick mat for a dog?

Are you wondering what to put on a lick mat for a puppy? You can spread dog-safe peanut butter, yogurt, pureed pumpkin, or your dog's favourite wet food on a lick mat for an engaging treat. For puppies, use soft, puppy-safe foods like pureed fruits, puppy-friendly peanut butter, or wet puppy food on the lick mat.

How long to freeze a lick mat?

Freeze a lick mat for about 1-2 hours after applying a spreadable treat, which will prolong your dog's licking time and offer a cooling treat which is great for a hot day.

How to use a lick mat for dogs?

Simply spread a thin layer of your dog's favourite lickable treat onto the mat and present it to them to lick off; it's great for keeping them occupied and reducing anxiety.

What is a dog slow feeder?

A dog slow feeder is a bowl designed to slow your dog's eating pace. These bowls typically feature raised ridges or patterns that force your dog to eat more slowly, which can help prevent choking, bloating, and other digestive issues.

What type of dog slow feeders should I choose?

Various types of dog slow feeders are available, including maze bowls, puzzle feeders, and interactive toys. The type you choose will depend on your dog's size, eating habits, and preferences.

Can dog slow feeders be used for all types of dogs?

Yes, dog slow feeders can be used for all types of dogs, regardless of size or breed. They are especially useful for dogs that tend to gulp their food down quickly, which can lead to digestive problems.

Shop Slow Feeder Dog Bowls & Lick Mats in Canada

Slow Feeder dog bowls are ideal for dogs that eat their dog food too fast. These bowls are specially designed to make your dog work to get their kibble so that they can't inhale their food with large gulps of kibble (and air). There are a couple of additional benefits that slow feeders provide such as improved digestion and stimulating your dog's mind.

If you like the idea of creating a more interactive play to stimulate your dog's mind, check out our great selection of puzzle feeder toys and slow feeder dog bowl brands. Shop dog feeding accessories and more at Homes Alive Pets online pet store where you will find a huge selection of dog products that we ship Canada-wide.

For a dog that gobbles down their dog food, a slow feeder dog bowl is ideal. These bowls are specially designed to make your dog work to get their dry kibble, so they can’t inhale their food with large gulps of food and air.

Speed eating can cause an upset stomach or digestive issues! Slow feeders are especially great for dogs with sensitive stomachs and require special formulas.

A dog slow feeder can help prevent choking, gagging, and vomiting by encouraging slower, more deliberate eating. This also aids in digestion, as smaller, well-chewed bites are easier for the stomach to process.

A slow feeder bowl may also prevent bloat, a serious and potentially life-threatening condition often caused by rapid ingestion of food and air.

Puppies are naturally boisterous and can too rapidly consume their meal which often leads to vomiting. Using a slow feeder for a puppy helps your young doggo enjoy his food at a slower pace while having fun.

A small dog slow feeder is also great for toy breeds who are prone to obesity. By slowing down food consumption, your heavy dog can potentially lose weight because they will feel full.

Using a slow feeder for dogs turns mealtime into a stimulating mental challenge, promoting cognitive development and reducing boredom. For dogs prone to obesity, slow feeders can aid in weight management by prolonging mealtime and reducing the likelihood of overeating.

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl: Pros and Cons

What are the pros of a dog food slow feeder? As its name suggests, the bowls force your dog to eat slower which helps to improve digestion and prevent overeating. This can lead to healthier weight, regular and consistent bowel movements, and better nutrient absorption.

Slow feed dog puzzle bowls also provide mental stimulation, which can make meals more fun and encourage better eating habits in picky pets.

While slow bowls have many pros, check out the cons of slow feeder bowls to make sure they are right for your pooch.

The same features that make the bowl effective for most dogs can make it frustrating for stubborn dogs, especially when they are first introduced. Some dogs are less inclined to learn and will resort to boycotting the bowl or trying to cheat by flipping it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these bowls are a bit more challenging to clean. The grooves and tight corners may require a brush or sponge to sanitize every crevice and keep the bowl free from bacteria buildup.

Homes Alive Pets offers a wide variety of slow feeders puzzles and bowls. Choose the size and style that suits your dog's snout shape and their eating habits.

Benefit of Lick Mat for Dogs

Lick mats are another style of slow feeder and puzzle toy that offers several benefits for dogs, making them a fantastic addition to your pet care tool arsenal. They are great for soothing anxious dogs, as the act of licking releases endorphins, promoting natural relaxation.

Dog lick mats can also be used to distract dogs during stressful situations like grooming or vet visits. Easy to spread with a variety of treats or foods, they are a versatile tool for administering medication or supplements in a stress-free way.

A lick mat for dogs helps slow your dog’s feeding tendencies and works well with wet or soft foods like pate and raw dog food. They can also be used for treats and rewards. Spread some pet-safe peanut butter on the mat and press in a few treats.

If you are worried about your dog’s lick mat moving around then you’ll want to invest in a dog lick mat with suction cups to hold the mat securely in place, like the Home Alive Pets Pizza Snack Mat.

Shop top slow feeding brands in Canada, like ZippyPaws, Messy Mutts, Sodapup and more at Homes Alive Pets!