Sergeant's Shoo! Repellent & Training Aid

by Sergeant's
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  • Repels pet from certain areas to break your pet of undesirable habits
  • Pressurized spray - Easy to apply to desired area
  • Repelling your pets from any area inside or outside
  • 1.9% Methyl Nonyl Ketone
  • Ideal for dogs and cats
  • Net weight 400g (14 oz)

Sergeant's Shoo! Repellent & Training Aid is a pressurized repellent preventing your pet going to unwanted places inside or outside, while acting as a training aid to help break undesirable habits. The pressurized spray makes it easy and simple to apply, although it is recommended to test it on fabric before applying to furniture.

Note: For most effectiveness, Sergeant's Shoo! should be used in conjunction with training and backed up with sharply spoken word. Also, it is recommended to test on a piece of fabric before applying to furniture or carpet.