The Tough Stuff Tap A Drop Odor Counteractant - Original

by The Tough Stuff
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  • Odour Counteractant drops
  • One drop eliminates a variety of odours
  • Uses essential oils with Odour Eliminating Technology
  • Long-lasting and affects a wide area
  • Great to use on trash cans, hockey bags. in the vehicle, toilets, litter locker or diaper pails and more
  • Available in a 1/2 fl. oz drop bottle
  • Made in the USA

Neutralise the toughest of odours either pet-related or environmental with The Tough Stuff Tap A Drop Odor Counteractant. Using a combination of Odor Eliminating Technology with essential oils to alter the molecule of the bad odour so you won't be able to smell it. One drop will last up to twenty-four hours and effect 1000 cubit feet, great to use in trash cans, hockey bags, in the vehicle, toilets, litter locker and more. 

Tap A Drop is available only in a 14.8 ml (1/2 fl. oz) dropper; Please see the specifications tab for further information. Made in the USA.


Please use one drop near the source of the odours.

Do not apply directly onto pets, plastic, rubber, painted odour and keep away from children. This product is not meant to be digested or have contact with the skin or eyes. If ingested drink milk or water. Any contact with eyes, please flush with water and wash skin with soap and water if any contact with the skin, any other problems arise, please see a physician. Keep product away from any open flame. 

d-Limonene, cinnamaldehyde, lemongrass oil, myrcene, methyl salicylate, n-pentyl acetate