Teasers & Wands

Teasers and wands are types of interactive cat toys that allow you to bond with your kitty while also encouraging them to be active and leap. Intended to create exercise for your cat by having them chase the feather or wand, these toys are ideal for tiring them out and keeping them entertained.

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  1. KONG Laser Teasers - Characters
    KONG Laser Teasers - Characters
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  2. KONG Cat Active Laser Toy
    KONG Cat Active Laser Toy
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Shop Feather Toys for Cats, Laser Pointers, Wands, and More

Searching for a way to keep your cat busy for longer than just a few minutes? Struggling to find a cat toy they will interact with for long periods of time? Try something interactive, like a teaser or laser pointer, so your cat will have something unpredictable to chase.

Playtime is an important part of a cat’s day—as a kitten, it benefits growth and development. As a full-grown cat, it ensures that your cat stays lean and active. We recommend interactive play as it helps create and maintain a bond between you and your pet.

Cats love to stalk, chase, and pounce on lasers as you move them. Check out the KONG Cat Active Laser Toy, a classic handheld laser pointer, or the Spot Rockin Laser Cat Toy, a battery powered laser toy perfect for independent play.

We also carry teasers and wands from popular brands such as Go Cat, Kung Fu Kitty, All For Paws, Wonpet, Mad Cat, and more.