Fabcat Deep Sea Toy

by Fabcat
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  • Plush toy for cats - Deep sea-themed
  • All toys are compatible with Fabcat Teasers
  • Perfect for cats who love to bat, chase, and pounce
  • Infused with North American-grown catnip
  • 5 different toys available - Please allow us to select the perfect toy for your cat

Fabcat Deep Sea Toys are cute, ocean-themed toys for your cat! Each toy is infused with North American-grown catnip and is compatible with all Fabcat Teasers. These toys are lightweight and made of plush material, making them perfect for your cat to bat, pounce on, and capture.

Sold as a single toy. There are five different toys available, please allow us to select the perfect toy for your cat! See the specifications tab for further details.

This product is suitable for gentle-moderate playtime. Check out other Fabcat products here




*Please allow our staff to select a deep sea creature for you.

Squid: 8.5" in length 

Lobster: 4.5" in length 

Shark: 4.5" in length

Orca: 4.5" in length

Hermit Crab: 5" in length


Remove all packaging before first use. Please supervise your cat when they are playing with this toy. If any part becomes loose or detached, please remove the toy from your cat. This toy is intended for pets.