Cranky Frank Hemp Kitty Litter

by Cranky Frank
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  • Made with 100% natural hemp
  • Low dust & hypoallergenic
  • Large pelleted shape causes less tracking
  • Odour blocking and high absorbency
  • Suitable for single or multi-cat use
  • Sustainable and compostable
  • Available in a 15 lb bag
  • Made in Canada
sale Made in Canada
sale Made in Canada

Cranky Frank Hemp Kitty Litter is made with the most sustainable crop on Earth, hemp, which is 100% biodegradable, compostable and renewable (grows in 100 - 120 days). This natural material is pesticide-free, hypoallergenic, highly absorbent, anti-bacterial and insulative, which results in a litter that eliminates moisture and ammonia odour long-term, keeping your pet safe and protected from harmful organisms.

In addition, this cat litter's large pelleted shape results in low tracking, for a cleaner pet and home, as well as low dust, leading to fewer respiratory issues for your kitty. Available in a 6.8 kg (15 lb) bag. Please see the specification tab for more information about this product. Made in Canada.