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Find everything you need to keep your cat’s litter box clean and fresh. From litter scoops to litter mats and filters, Homes Alive has all of the supplies your feline needs.

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  1. Skout's Honor Litter Box Deodorizer
    Skout's Honor Litter Box Deodorizer
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Cat Litter Accessories FAQs

What cat litter supplies do I need? All cat families need an appropriately sized litter box, a cat litter of your choice, and a cat litter scoop. These basic supplies will provide your cat with a safe and clean kitty bathroom.

How do I keep my cat litter room clean? Scooping your cat's litter daily is the best way to prevent odours and tracking. A cat litter mat is also a helpful tool to catch litter as your cat leaves the box.

How often should you change cat litter? Daily scooping is the best practice to keep your cat healthy and your house clean and promote good bathroom habits.

Can cats find their litter box if you move it? Cats have a keen sense of smell and will be able to find their litter box if it's moved, but it's a good idea to show them the new spot to make sure there are no accidents.

Where should you not put a litter box? Choosing the right place for your cat's litter box can help encourage better bathroom habits. Avoid high-traffic areas, hard to get to places, or placing your litter box near your cat's eating area.

Why is my cat not covering her poop? Covering waste is a natural defensive behaviour for cats, so if your cat stop covering her bathroom deposits, it could be a sign of anxiety, injury or illness.

Shop Cat Litter, Litter Scoops, Litter Mats and More in Canada

We all love our cats, but nobody loves litter boxes. Homes Alive offers various litter accessories to keep your cat’s domain clean and odourless, including cat litter deodorizer clips and sprays, litter box mats, and more. 

Shopping for the necessities? Check out our most popular litter mat—soft on your feline friend’s paws, yet effective at trapping both small and large granules of litter to prevent litter tracking around your home. 

Hoping to keep your litter box clean and stink-free? Take a look at our easy-installation litter box filters, the tried and true The Tough Stuff Cat Litter Deodorizing Additive, or Skout’s Honor Litter Deodorizing Spray.