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  1. Bass Brushes Pet Groomer Earth-Friendly Bamboo - Slicker Brush
    Bass Brushes Pet Groomer Earth-Friendly Bamboo Slicker Brush
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  2. Bass Brushes Bio-Flex Pet Original Detangler - Green Leaf
    Bass Brushes Bio-Flex Pet Original Detangler
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  3. Bass Brushes Bio-Flex Pet Style Comb
    Bass Brushes Bio-Flex Pet Style Comb
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Cat Brushes & Combs

Many pet owners think their cat is a self-sufficient groomer. Their tongues are good at loosening and lifting away dirt and debris from their fur and they groom themselves quite regularly. Despite the animal’s dedication to independence, sometimes a kitty needs a little help with grooming maintenance. Luckily, Homes Alive Pets carries a full line of the best cat brush and comb accessories.

Your cat’s dedication to its fur can actually lead to health problems. The frequent licking causes accidental ingestion of the fur which results in hairballs.

As with anything, prevention is the key. The best remedy for hairballs is frequent brushing and the use of a cat shedding brush to loosen and remove hair so your kitty doesn’t ingest an excessive amount of the fur while trying to tackle the task solo.

Cats shed hair year-round, but the amount of loose fur escalates in the spring and summer months. A FURminator cat brush effectively removes surface mats and loose hair. A cat deshedding tool removes the loose undercoat to cut down on shedding and is considered the best hair brush for long haired cats because it can reach deep into the thick coat.

The best way to brush a shedding cat and reduce cat dander is to start out slow if your cat isn’t familiar with the process. You’ll want to use a soft slicker brush and focus on the head and back first. Avoid the cat’s delicate underbelly which sometimes upsets the kitty because the area is hypersensitive.

Your cat’s coat will gleam with one to two brushings per week, but for more frequent grooming, a hybrid pin and bristle combo brush is safe to use daily if needed. The regular sessions remove dirt, dead hair and grease from the coat while stimulating blood circulation. It’s also a great bonding experience.

Some long-haired and thick-coated cats are prone to mats and tangles. A detangling brush will help break up small knots and keep the fur soft and healthy. If your cat already has matting problems, then The FURminator deMatter Tool can break and remove clumps of matted cat fur quickly and painlessly.

Even with diligent combing and brushing, your cat is still going to shed, and you’ll notice fur on your carpet, upholstery, and clothing. We carry a multitude of products that help you tackle fur buildup around the house and on your clothing. Be sure to check out our pet hair rollers and the Furminator Home Sweeper.

There comes a time in just about every cat’s life when you’ll have to bathe the kitty. Check out the Furminator Dog and Cat Bathing Brush that distributes cat shampoo and conditioner while loosening hair. Your feline friend will emerge from the bath looking fabulous. Finish the grooming session with a spritz of cat deodorizer.

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