Baxter & Bella 33 Pin Comb for Cats

by Baxter & Bella
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  • Pin comb for cats
  • Extra fine coated pins - prevents skin irritation while removing debris and loose hairs
  • Smoothes the hair
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Uses a non-slip, ergonomic handle

Baxter & Bella 33 Pin Comb is the perfect grooming accessory for your feline friend. Designed with coated extra fine pins to aid with removing debris and loose hair while smoothing your cat's fur with minimal skin irritation with each brush. The comb is comfortable to hold thanks to its non-slip, ergonomic handle for a fun and pleasant grooming experience. 

Baxter & Bella 33 Pin Comb is suitable for all hair types. Please see the specifications tab for more information.


Gently place your fingers between the comb and your cat's skin to reduce pulling. Then gently brush down and away from your cat's skin, never brush against your cat's coat.