Big Country Raw Defrosting Tray

by Big Country Raw
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  • Non-Stick defrosting tray for your pets raw food
  • Made from aluminum and copper
  • Aids with defrosting your pet's food in a shorter amount of time
  • Hand wash only
  • Available only in one size - 30x20 cm

Big Country Raw Defrosting Tray is a huge help if your pet's raw food is not 100% fully defrosted before your pet's feeding time. This non-stick tray is made from aluminum and copper that when a frozen product is placed on this tray, the metal will bring that frozen item to room temperature due to its conductive nature for a shorter defrosting period in a pinch.

This tray is available only in one size, measuring at 30x20 cm (11.8x7.8") and can fit one or two vacuum-sealed 1 lb package on the tray. This defrosting tray is handwash only. 


Please ensure when using this product that the raw items are in their plastic packaging as this defrosting tray has no way of holding liquid, thus causing a mess to the surface that the tray is on. Please use this product if you need to thaw your raw product in a pinch as the safest method to still defrost your pet's raw food or any raw food in the refrigerator. 

Please do not microwave or place the defrosting tray in the dishwasher. Always wash your hands before and after dealing with raw products and wash any used tools when dealing with raw products with warm soapy water.