Carnivora Specialty Diet - Beef Green Tripe

by Carnivora
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  • Frozen raw green tripe patties
  • Made from beef green tripe
  • Suitable for both dogs and cats
  • A source of digestive enzymes and probiotics
  • Available in a 4 lb bag
  • Made in Canada - available in-store only
In Store Only Made in Canada
In Store Only Made in Canada

Carnivora Specialty Diet - Beef Green Tripe is a beneficial addition to your pet's diet. Coming solely from grass-fed animals, Carnivora's green tripe is made out of finely ground beef stomach and green ingesta.

The most beneficial component of raw green tripe is digestive enzymes and probiotics. Digestive enzymes and probiotics aid in digestion, saving the body from expending so much energy when digesting a meal. Digestive enzymes also purify and cleanse the blood and remove toxins, parasites and fungus.  They also improve metabolism, hormonal function and boost the immune system.

Green tripe may be fed once a day, several times per week or not at all; fed alone or mixed with whole animal or beef offal patties. Available in a 4 lb bag (8 patties/bag), only in-store. For our store locations, please click here.

Nutrition Facts

Moisture 75.77%
Ash 2.14%
Fat 6.74%
Fibre 4.05%
Protein 6.99%
Sodium 0.17%
Phosphorus 0.20%
Potassium 0.14%
Calcium 0.37%
Magnesium 0.03%
Sulphur 0.07%
Copper 2.15 mg/kg
Iron 56.60 mg/kg
Manganese 11.29 mg/kg
Zinc 16.35 mg/kg
Calorie Content: 1,374.75 kcal/kg, 312.07 kcal/patty
Green Tripe (finely ground beef stomach wall and green ingesta).