Cat Food

Your cat's nutrition affects almost every body process, including her overall health and vitality, and how long she lives. At Homes Alive, we are committed to quality and natural nutrition, which is why you'll only find the best cat foods in our store.

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Cat Food

Cats come in all different sizes, colors and personalities. They brighten our days with their early morning wake up calls, late night snuggles and random silly bursts of energy! Whether you have an energetic kitten or an older lackadaisical cat, the cat food, cat toys, and cat treats you give them should be chosen with great care!

At Homes Alive Pets, it is our mission to offer only the best for all pets! We carefully select which foods for dogs, cats and other animals we carry to ensure that your pets are getting the nutrition they need to thrive. With natural nutrition as the driving force behind the food we choose, you can feel confident that your feline family member is eating a wholesome diet that will keep her happy and healthy.

You can choose from a variety of dry kibbles, such as Acana Cat Food which is made with fresh, raw ingredients that are regionally sourced right here in Canada. Each of their recipes are biologically appropriate, which means they replicate the raw food diet that your cat would consume in the wild. Acana Wild Prairie Cat Food includes free-run chicken & turkey, eggs, and wild-caught herring and rainbow trout. Acana Pacifica Cat Food includes wild-caught herring, mackerel, hake, blue whiting, flounder and rockfish.

Wet and canned foods are a great way to treat your cat and make sure his meal times are equally as delicious as they are nutritious! Brands such as Weruva and ZiwiPeak are excellent choices. Weruva focuses on providing the highest quality ingredients, such as boneless, skinless cage-free chicken and wild-caught salmon! ZiwiPeak recipes are protein-rich, hand-crafted formulas that are designed to help your cat live a long, happy and healthy life. Popular choices include their grass-fed New Zealand beef formula and their moist mackerel and lamb recipe.

Dehydrated and freeze-dried cat food is an easy and convenient option to feed your cuddly cat a wholesome diet. Stella & Chewy’s is definitely a favourite amongst cat parents. Try their gently freeze-dried Dinner Morsels in salmon and chicken, tummy ticklin' turkey or free-run duck.

Whatever diet your cat enjoys, Homes Alive Pets is dedicated to providing nourishing diets that will give her the nutrition she needs and the taste she craves!