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About Our Calgary Pet Store

Homes Alive Pets isn't your average pet store. We give pet lovers a chance to shop for top brands at the lowest prices, including a large selection of pet food, treats, gear, toys and more. Homes Alive Pets is proudly Canadian; we’ve been your trusted source for the best pet supplies in Canada for over 30 years. We’re excited to bring our large inventory, carrying the best pet brands, to Calgary and surrounding communities. Our years of experience and knowledge help pet lovers find the right products for them and their furry friends.


We emphasize natural and quality brands, because we believe that quality pet care can prevent or treat many issues that pet owners encounter with their pets. We help you enjoy the best of your pets with superior customer service, keeping your pet happy and healthy through valuable recommendations.


Homes Alive Pets has everything you need to care for your loved ones - including thousands of quality pet brands and products. If you can't make it to our Calgary pet store, be sure to shop online because we ship Canada-wide!



Dog Supplies in Calgary

It’s hard to explain how much our pups mean to us. Homes Alive Pets has all the dog supplies your pup needs, including dog toys, harnesses, collars, specialty and raw dog food, and much more in Calgary! Shop our full list of dog supplies.

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Cat Supplies in Calgary

From cat food and litter to toys and treats, your kitty deserves the best of the best. Fortunately, we carry the cat accessories you're looking for! Shop our full list of cat supplies

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At Homes Alive Pets in Calgary, you will find the top pet supplies, and pet food brands like Acana, Orijen, Nutrience, raw pet foods, and many more. Browse our full list of pet food brands that we offer.

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Take advantage of our sales and discounts for everything your pet needs. Find deals on pet supplies for your furry friends. We offer a variety of sales, seasonal, and holiday promotions to keep your furry friends happy and healthy, while saving money. Shop our current sale items.

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