Vital Essentials Raw Bar Dog Treats - Moo Sticks

by Vital Essentials
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  • VE Freeze dried single meat protein - Beef
  • Rich in protein and vitamins
  • Supports dental, digestive, stimulation and overall health
  • No fillers, flavourings, artificial preservatives or colours
  • Sourced, made and packaged in the USA
  • Available as a single chew

Vital Essentials Raw Bar Dog Treats are a unique line of single protein freeze-dried dog treats rich in flavour and full of vitamins and proteins. Using Vital essential's exclusive VE freeze-dried processing, a process which lets the fresh ingredients slowly freeze dry for 48 house, capturing the essential nutrients. 

Vital Essentials Moo Sticks is the cow's weasand, the meat surrounding the esophagus, this natural chew will keep dogs mentally stimulated while cleaning the teeth and gums of tartar. A perfect treat to give to your best friend as a snack between meals. 

Grain-free and Gluten Free. Vital Essential dog treats are sourced, made and packaged in the USA in a facility that is USDA certified. No fillers, flavouring, artificial preservatives or colours are used. Available as a single chew only.

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein (min.) 72%
Fat (min.) 12%
Fibre (max.) 2%
Moisture (max.) 8%
Calorie Content: ME = 3970 kcal/kg 113 kcal/oz

Moo Stick Measurements

Approximately 22.8 cm (9") in length, and approximately 3.8 cm (1.5") in width.

Beef weasand