TropiClean desires to enrich the lives of not only pets and their owners, but also their employees and those less fortunate around the globe with the great work that they do. By creating healthy, natural pet shampoos and oral care products like their Tropiclean Fresh Breath line, TropiClean products will simplify grooming routines for you and your pet and leave them smelling fresh and clean. These products are easy to use and they will help improve your pet's overall quality of life as well as the bond between the two of you.

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    1. Tropiclean Dual Action Ear Cleaner for Dogs
      Tropiclean Dual Action Ear Cleaner for Pets
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    2. Tropiclean Waterless Facial Cleanser for Pets
      Tropiclean Waterless Facial Cleanser for Pets
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    Homes Alive Pets is happy to offer a full line of Tropiclean pet products. A leader in the pet industry, You’ll find Tropiclean fresh breath formulas, pet wipes, shampoos, conditioners, and more!

    Tropiclean has been creating pet-focused cleaning products since 1992. In 1994, the brand became a trailblazer by harnessing the power of Neem oil as a key ingredient in their Tropiclean Flea and Tick Dog Shampoo to naturally provide flea and tick relief to pets.

    The brand went on to develop a line of Oxymed products to tackle itch relief, detangling products to make grooming easier, and they released a line of products dedicated to good oral health such as Tropiclean FreshBreath Clean Teeth Gel.

    You won’t feel left out if you own cats because Tropiclean is also focused on offering products for the kitty in the family. You’ll find Tropiclean Deep Cleaning Waterless Cat Shampoo that is foaming and requires no water to leave your feline smelling and looking purrfectly stunning. Or try the Tropiclean Hypoallergenic Puppy & Kitten Shampoo to care for the sensitive skin and coat of your baby furball.

    When you are travelling with your pet or visiting the dog park, you’ll want to pack a package of Tropiclean Deodorizing Pet Wipes to spruce up your four-legged furry friend. You’ll find pet wipes for everyday cleaning, medicated pet wipes that soothe itchy skin, ear cleaning wipes, dental wipes, and more.

    Tropiclean has also developed a line of very focused cleansers such as their Tropiclean Dual Action Ear Cleaner and Tropiclean Waterless Facial Cleanser.

    Give your pet a beautiful smile and a lifetime of good oral health with Tropiclean fresh breath products. You’ll find finger brushes, dog breath sprays, dog breath drops, Tropiclean teeth cleaning gels in various flavours such as peanut butter, oral care water additives, and specialty toothbrushes>/a> for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. They also offer medicated dog toothpaste.

    Tropiclean also recognizes that not all animals have the same type of fur. Just like people, your dog or cat can have long hair, short hair, straight hair, or curly hair. They offer a variety of products to meet the distinct needs of multiple coat types, including the best shampoo for white dogs, dog shed control shampoo, shampoo for curly dogs, and many more.

    Each cleansing product leaves your pet’s coat feeling soft and manageable while smelling amazing. Many of the formulas will also help you tackle tangles and mats with ease.

    Pet owners from around the world turn to the full line of pet grooming products offered by Tropiclean to keep their furry friends looking and smelling fresh. At Homes Alive Pets, we carry a huge array of must-have Tropiclean pet cleaning products to meet all of your needs!

    Shop all dog grooming supplies and cat grooming supplies at Homes Alive Pets. We are your one stop shop for dog food, cat food, accessories, treats, and much more.