Triple-Pet EZ Dog Toothbrush

by Triple-Pet
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  • Toothbrush for dogs
  • Three separate bristles - cleans the entire tooth
  • Built-in tongue cleaner at the end of the toothbrush
  • Easy to use - quick cleaning
  • DIshwasher safe
  • Suitable for dogs of all life stages and breeds
  • Available in a small and large size in a variety of colours - please allow us to choose the colour

Keep unwanted plaque and tartar away from your dog's teeth with Triple-Pet EZ Dog Toothbrush. This unique style toothbrush has three separate bristles that clean the entire tooth for quick, optimal and easy dental cleaning with a single circular motion. This toothbrush also offers at the bottom of the handle a built-in tongue cleaner that takes dental health one step forward compared to other pet toothbrushes. 

EZ Dog Toothbrush is dishwasher safe and is suitable for dogs of all life stages and breeds. Available in small and large-sized toothbrush in a variety of colours, please allow us to choose the colour. Please see the specifications tab for more information.

Triple Pet EZ Dog Toothbrush Measurements:

Size Measurement overall Brush bristle Measurement Suitable for
Small 3x2x7 cm (1.1x0.7x2.7") 2.5x2x1.5 cm (0.9x0.7x0.9") Dogs up to 60 lbs
Large 3x2x7.5 cm (1.1x0.7x2.9") 2.5x2.5x1.5 cm (0.9x0.7x0.9") Dogs over 60 lbs


Apply toothpaste onto each bristle brush and gently brush your dog's teeth in a circular motion up to the gum line. For optimal results brush your dog's teeth at least three times per week.