Titan Aerial Dog Run

by Titan
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  • Install between two wooden sources (tree, house, pole, etc.), attach the lead line to the cable, and let your dog feel free
  • Easy installation
  • Includes lead line and hardware
  • Brass plated snaps
  • Recommended for Dogs up to 80 lbs

Aerial Dog Run includes a cable and pulley system that allows you to restrain your dog from running away, but still give him free range of motion.


  • Select two points to secure the screw eye hooks and ensure the distance between them is less than the length of the RED Aerial cable enclosed.
  • Locate both hooks at the same height, and high enough to allow a person to easily walk under the Aerial Cable line.
  • Hange the turnbuckle on the open eye screw and adjust turnbuckle by rotating the centre until fully extended. Then slide the following items onto the unfinished end f the cable in this order: nylon pre-stop; pulley; nylon pre-stop; two wire rope clips.
  • Extend the unsecured end of the RED Aerial Cable through the closed eye screw hook and pull until the cable is pulled tight. Secure the cable using the wire rope clips (tighten with wrench). Trim excess cable.
  • Aerial Cable line can now be made tight by adjusting the turnbuckle.
  • Snap the BLUE cable lead to the eye of the pulley and to your dog's collar.