Skout's Honor Urine & Odor Destroyer Concrete & Turf

by Skout's Honor
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  • Effective solution for outdoor surfaces
  • Quickly removes stains & odours
  • Eliminates odour-causing molecules on contact
  • Can be used on artificial turf, brick, concrete, stone, outdoor furniture and more 
  • Easy to use & non-toxic
  • Available in a 32 fl oz container with hose attachment

Skout's Honor Urine & Odor Destroyer Concrete & Turf is an eco-friendly solution that aids in eliminating tough stains and odours on outdoor surfaces. Once attached to a hose, this can be applied to artificial turf, brick, concrete, stone, outdoor furniture, upholstery, and other water-safe surfaces.  

Available in a 946 ml (32 fl oz.) container with a hose attachment. Product is not recommended to be used on leather, live plants or unsealed wood. Please see the specifications tab for more information. 

Directions for Use

1. Attach a hose onto the container, turn the nozzle then saturate or spray the affected areas in a back and forth sweeping motion until sudsing happens. 

2. Stop and wait five minutes. Then remove the hose from the container and spray the area with water until the area is bubble-free and clear. A stiff brittle brush may be necessary to help loosen dirt or debris. 

3. Allow the area to dry completely and naturally before exposing children and pets. Reapply as necessary for more difficult stains.



Purified Water, BioKore™ (Surface Tension Reducer), Biodegradable Molecular Complex, Natural Trace Fragrance.