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    1. Royal Canin Urinary Care Dry Cat Food
      Royal Canin Urinary Care Dry Cat Food
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    2. Royal Canin Appetite Control Spayed/Neutered Dry Adult Cat Food
      Royal Canin Appetite Control Spayed/Neutered Dry Adult Cat Food
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    Scientifically Tailored Nutrition

    Royal Canin Cat Food FAQs

    What makes Royal Canin cat food different from other brands?

    Royal Canin cat food is designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of cats at every stage of life. The company's approach to nutrition is based on scientific research and consultation with veterinarians and breeders to create formulas that address common health issues, such as urinary tract health, hairball control, digestive sensitivities, and weight management.

    Is Royal Canin cat food suitable for cats with sensitive stomachs?

    Royal Canin offers a range of formulas specifically designed for cats with digestive sensitivities, including sensitive stomachs. These formulas are made with highly digestible proteins and prebiotic fibres to support healthy digestion and nutrient absorption. The cat foods provide proper calorie count for optimum health.

    Where is Royal Canin cat food manufactured?

    Royal Canin cat food is manufactured in company-owned facilities located in France, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Russia, and several other countries. The company follows strict quality control protocols and works closely with suppliers to ensure the safety and quality of its ingredients.

    Can Royal Canin control hairballs?

    Yes, Royal Canin offers formulas specifically designed to help reduce the formation of hairballs in cats. These formulas contain a blend of fibres that help promote healthy digestion and encourage the passage of hair through the digestive system.

    Does Royal Canin offer wet cat food?

    Yes, Royal Canin offers a variety of wet cat food options, including pâtés, chunks in gravy, and sliced meat in sauce. These formulas provide additional moisture and can be a good choice for cats that don't drink enough water or have urinary tract issues.

    Shop Royal Canin Cat Food Canada

    Cats are unique, and their food needs to be unique too. Royal Canin Cat Food is specially formulated to support the dietary needs of cats and help to prevent and solve their most common feline issues. Shop our huge selection of Royal Canin cat foods for sensitive digestion, weight control, hairball relief, urinary care and many more. From baby cats to mature senior felines, Royal Canin offers premium, vet-recommended wet and dry cat food to help your fluffy pal thrive.

    When it comes to delivering nutritious and balanced cat food formulas, Royal Canin takes many key factors into consideration. Over the past 50 years, they’ve developed a wide variety of dry and wet foods for cats that are specifically designed with their nutritional needs in mind.

    Scientifically based and backed by veterinarians, Royal Canin offers different cat food recipes specifically designed for their breed, stage of development, activity level and existing or potential health concerns. Their brand is dedicated to providing nourishing ingredients to help your fluffy feline maintain excellent health!

    Whether you’re shopping around for the right formula for your new cuddly kitten or you’re looking to transition your full-grown indoor cat to a healthier diet, Royal Canin cat food dry kibble or canned food that will deliver the right nutrients and a taste that she’ll really enjoy!

    At Homes Alive Pets, we offer a large selection of Royal Canin Cat Foods available in various formulas. For your young kitty, Royal Canin Kitten Food is the ideal choice, providing gentle digestion support and bolstering her immune system. If you have an adult cat, consider Royal Canin Indoor Adult Cat Food, which helps reduce hairballs, maintains dental health by cleaning teeth, and minimizes strong-smelling stools that are common among indoor cats. Find the perfect Royal Canin formula to cater to your feline's specific needs at Homes Alive Pets.

    Homes Alive Pets carries a broad selection of Royal Canin Cat Foods in several different formulas. Royal Canin Kitten Food is gentle on your young kitty’s digestion and can help build up her immune system. Royal Canin Indoor Adult Cat Food is a great option for your adult cat to reduce hairballs, keep his teeth clean, and eliminate strong smelling stools that are common for cats that stay mostly indoors.

    For cats with sensitive tummies, Royal Canin cat food Digestive Care is designed to support proper digestion and nutrient absorption which promotes weight control. We also offer Royal Canin Pouch Cat Food that is wonderful for mixing with dry kibble to add moisture and flavour to your cat's diet while promoting proper digestion.

    Royal Canin cat food is a nutrient-rich and delicious choice for your feline friend’s health needs. Packed with essential vitamins and nutrients like chicken, brown rice, brewers rice, pea fibre, beet pulp, vegetable oil, fish oil, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, taurine, and more, it provides all the essential elements your cats need to thrive.

    Its mouthwatering taste will have them begging for more at every mealtime. With Royal Canin, you can feel confident that you are giving your cat the best nutrition for a happy and healthy life.