RC Pets At Ease Calming Vest for Dogs

by RC Pets
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  • Calming vest for dogs - Dark Teal
  • Helps to ease anxiety caused by fear, loud noises, separation, and travel
  • Compression knit technology provides comforting pressure - wrap-around elastics
  • Step-in design makes putting it on easy and stress-free
  • Breathable material
  • Available in sizes XXS to XL

Does your dog get frightened during thunderstorms or anxious during travel? Try RC Pets At Ease Calming Vest for Dogs. Anxious behaviours dog's tend to exhibit can include excessive barking, shaking, pacing, panting, and destructive behaviours - this is where the RC Pets At Ease Calming Vest for Dogs can help.  This calming vest is a drug-free way to help calm your dog from their stressors, such as loud noises, travel, and separation. 

This calming vest features compression knit technology to provide comforting pressure and wrap-around elastics to make your dog feel secure. Its step-in design makes putting it on easy, stress-free, and prevents the vest from going over your anxious pup's head. Worried about your pet overheating? RC has designed this vest to be from a 100% breathable polyester.

This product is available in sizes XXS to XL. Please see the specifications tab for sizing and care details.

Size Guide 

Size Back Length Girth
XXS 9" 11-14.5"
XS 11" 14-17.5"
S 14" 17-21"
M 17" 20.5-24"
L 21" 23.5-29"
XL 24" 29-35"

Materials & Care

This product is made from 100% polyester.

Machine wash using a mild detergent and on a gentle cycle, hang to dry. Do not iron, use bleach, or dry clean. Fasten hook loop before washing, and wash with similar colours.