Petstages Nina Ottosson Buggin Out Puzzle & Play Cat Game

by PetStages
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  • Sliding puzzle with eight compartments with cylinders and flippers
  • Adjustable difficulty - great for stimulation, decreasing boredom and as a slow feeder
  • Fits kibble or small-sized cat treats
  • Made with eco-friendly renewable material - food-grade plastic, free of PVC, BPA & phthalates
  • Suitable for cats of all life stages

The Petstages Nina Ottosson Buggin Out Puzzle & Play Cat Game is a puzzle toy that will challenge your feline friend and bring out it's hunting instincts. This puzzle toy is an eight compartment toy that has sliding cylinders with holes on top and leaf flippers to keep your cat engaged. 

Once you fill the compartments and cylinders with treats, your cat must then move the cylinders away from the flippers, then push the flippers to get to the compartments and move them above the compartments to get the goodies from inside the cylinder. 

Not only does this encourages your cat to solve the obstacle, but it also helps mentally stimulate your best friend, prevent boredom and can be used as a slow feeder. This puzzle works great with kibble and treats and can hold up to 1/4 cups of food.

This food-grade plastic puzzle is lightweight and is made from food-safe, eco-friendly renewable material. Free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates. Suitable for cats of all life stages, please see the specifications tab for more information. 


Buggin Out Measurements

24x33 cm (9.5x13")

Tips & Tricks

When starting with any interactive toy, please keep it simple. Place the toy near their feeding area with the compartments open and place their kibble in the holes. Your feline friend will likely check it out, sniff and walk away but have patience with your cat. Cats may keep coming back to the puzzle several times or more before they decide it's cool and start to paw or eat the kibble.

Once your cat is 100% comfortable with eating from the compartments, then very slowly start to cover one or two of them partially, this will allow your cat to see their food still but have to put a little bit of effort into getting to their food. Once your cat is used to that, start to cover the rest with kibble still visible and once your cat understands, keep making it complicated. Just remember to continue advancing the difficulty slow so your cat can fully understand what needs to be done; never discourage your cat as you always want it to be a positive experience. Each cat is unique in its way of hunting. 

To encourage your cat, try adding smelly treats or some wet food to the mix; cats hunt using their nose so the smell will attract them. Once your cat can solve this puzzle try moving it around to different areas to keep them on their paws and encourage them to use their hunting instincts.

As always, please supervise your cat with this puzzle at all times. If your cat decides to chew on parts, please redirect and correct the behaviour. Start over if needed and keep their attention back on the kibble or treats.

Nina Ottoson puzzles can be washed using warm water and soap.