ökocat Original Premium Clumping Wood Cat Litter

by ökocat
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  • All-natural lightweight, environmentally friendly litter
  • Wood pellets - Made from 100% wood fibres
  • Highly absorbent, clumping and dust free
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Available in 12.6 lb and 18.8 lb recyclable packaging
  • Made in Germany

ökocat Original Premium Clumping Wood Cat Litter is an all-natural, environmentally friendly cat litter. These soft, lightweight, broken pellet-shaped litter are made using 100% natural wood fibre that will absorb double its weight while maintaining odour control for up to a week by trapping the odour inside the fibre and leaving only a natural scent. This litter is also biodegradable and compostable when it comes time for cleaning.

ökocat litter uses no chemicals, synthetics or dyes in their litter. It uses reusable, sustainable wood fibres that are sourced from suppliers that are approved by the Forest Stewardship Council, Sustainable Forestry Initiative and the Forestry Preservation and Promotion Act—ensuring the conservation and protection of animals, the ecosystem and the culture that relies on forests.

ökocat Clumping Wood Natural Cat Litter is available in 12.6 lb and 18.8 lb recyclable packaging. Please see the specifications tab for more information. Made in Germany.

ökocat Cat Litter Instructions

Add three inches of litter into a clean litter box, scoop clumps out of litter box on a daily basis and add more litter when needed. 

When Switching from old to ökocat cat litter:  Fill the litter box with ökocat cat litter on the bottom and their current litter on the top, when it is time to clean the litter box add more ökocat cat litter and less of the current litter, once your cat is comfortable with ökocat cat litter then use only ökocat cat litter. 

Longevity of litter: ökocat should last up to two and a half months with one cat and one and a half months with two cats. 

Caution: for pregnant, nursing or immune suppressed individuals, please use safety and cleanliness when cleaning and dealing with cat faeces and soiled litter as a parasite can sometimes be present in cat faeces that may cause toxoplasmosis.