NaturVet Ear Wash Liquid

by NaturVet
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  • Cleans out ears - reduce odour, removes wax & debris
  • Contains tea tree oil & aloe
  • Soothing baby powder scent
  • Safe to use on routine basis
  • Suitable for dogs & cats
  • Available in 118 ml (4 fl. oz.) & 236 ml (8 fl.oz.)

Keep your pet's ears clean and fresh with NaturVet's Ear Wash Liquid. This natural solution contains tea tree oil, which is a gentle solution for cleansing the inside of your pet's ears. This liquid will help to dissolve debris and ear wax buildup, reduce bad odours, and leave behind a fresh scent of baby powder.

This solution is safe to use for regular ear cleanings and the aloe it contains will help to soothe irritated ears. Available in 118 ml (4 fl. oz.) & 236 ml (8 fl.oz.). Suitable for cats and dogs.

Directions for Use

Insert the tip of the bottle directly into the ear canal. Squeeze the bottle to release enough drops so that your pet's ear canal is partially filled. Massage the base of your pet's ear canal gently to help loosen and wax buildup. Use a tissue or cotton balls to remove all of the excess liquid, wax, and debris from the ear. Repeat as often as needed. To avoid any damage, do not insert pointed objects or cotton swabs directly into your pet's ears.

Deionized Water, Witch Hazel, Glycerin, Boric Acid, Polysorbate 80, Tea Tree Oil, Baby Powder Fragrance, Echinacea Extract, Methylparaben, Coloring, Propylparaben, Aloe Vera Extract.