Miller's Forge Hair Thinning Scissors

by Miller's Forge
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  • Hair thinning scissors for pets
  • Made of heat-treated steel for increased durability
  • Sharp, pointed tips for effective cutting
  • Perfect for thinning hair, removing mats, and trimming
  • Suitable for small to large pets

Thin your pet's hair with Miller's Forge Hair Thinning Scissors. These lightweight grooming scissors are made of heat-treated steel to be long-lasting and durable. The blades are scalloped making them prefect for thinning your pet's thick hair, trimming hair without leaving scissor marks, and removing mats. Use these scissors every couple of weeks to maintain your pet's neat appearance.

This product is suitable for small to large-sized pets and is approximately 18 cm (7.1") long with 7 cm (2.75") blades.


These scissors are intended for use on your pet's hair.

The blades are sharp, so please store them in a safe place and keep them out of reach from children and pets.