Merrick Dog Food

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Merrick Dog Food

Just like us, our dog’s deserve food made from the best ingredients. Kibble is old-fashioned and, frankly, probably something your furry friend wouldn’t mind not seeing day in and day out. Merrick is an American pet care company that has been preparing delectable, hand-crafted dog food recipes for over 25 years with only the freshest and most natural ingredients!

At Merrick the motto is "Whole Health Made Right." Their line of dog foods incorporate real meat as the very first ingredient on the list to closely mimic your pet’s natural, raw dog food diet. You can also try Merrick cat food for your feline friend and Merrick dental dog treats to keep your pooch’s teeth clean and healthy!

Check out their vast selection of dry kibble and wet food for dogs to satisfy your puppers’ cravings for premium protein and flavour. Here at Homes Alive pets We offer a wide variety of Merrick’s wholesome premium dog food brands.

We recommend Merrick’s canned dog food. These natural delights include robust creations such as Pappy’s Pot Roast Dinner, a delicious blend of real carrots, potatoes and beef. A sure fire hit for your hungry buddy.

Next in line comes Merrick’s Big Texas Steak Tips Dinner which includes real chunks of steak and your dog will surely scarf down without a fuss! The recipes don’t stop there!

Merrick’s canned selection includes tantalizing recipes like Turducken made from real poultry, the Colossal Chicken Dinner and Grammy’s Pot Pie, made with, you guessed it, real chicken!

At Homes Alive we also offer the miniature snack size version of these Merrick canned classics! You can find these same recipes, such as the Petite Pot Pie on the site as well.

Merrick also offers a selection of dry dog foods as well, such as their Salmon and Sweet Potato Recipe and their Real Chicken and Green Peas Recipe! These dry food selections are rich in high-quality protein and contain all-natural ingredients.

If you’re on the hunt for a nutritious and delicious diet for your dog, Merrick is one of the many top tier pet food brands we carry here at Homes Alive Pets. Shop with us for high quality products, including dog treats, dog toys, dog accessories, puzzle dog toys for your bored dog, cat toys, cat food and much more!