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  1. Kurgo G-Train Dog Carrier Backpack
    Kurgo G-Train Dog Carrier Backpack
    Starting From: $192.99 Our Price: $192.99
  2. Kurgo K9 Rucksack
    Kurgo K9 Rucksack
    Our Price: $167.99
  3. Kurgo Nomad Carrier Backpack
    Kurgo Nomad Carrier Backpack
    Starting From: $106.99 Our Price: $106.99
  4. Kurgo Baxter Pack - Coral
    Kurgo Baxter Pack
    Starting From: $76.99 Our Price: $76.99

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Kurgo Dog Backpacks

Are you ready to take your dog anywhere? Check out Kurgo dog backpacks for your next outdoor adventure! Your next hike or camping trip with fido will be a lot easier when he can carry his own stuff in his very own Kurgo dog backpack! They lighten your load and give your dog a satisfying sense of accomplishment and purpose.

Your pet wants to accompany you everywhere, but some dogs are too old and others too small to keep up or traverse rugged terrain. A Kurgo dog carrier backpack lets you carry what matters most to you - your furry friend! These dog carrier packs let your dog take a load off while still experiencing the sights, sounds, and smells of nature.

The Kurgo Canada dog carrier backpack for small pets gives you the freedom you have been dreaming about to take your canine companion anywhere. With the Kurgo G Train Dog Backpack, you can carry a pup of up to 25 lbs. with ease. In addition, there are storage compartments located on the backpack that let you carry your laptop, water bottles, and more right alongside your pup. Designed of mesh, it offers superior ventilation to keep your pet cool. With an adjustable hip belt and sternum straps, you can carry the backpack with ease on long treks.

When not using the Kurgo G Train Dog Carrier Backpack as a backpack, it easily converts into a traditional dog carrier with a handle grab located in front. We are sure you will agree, the Kurgo G-Train Dog Carrier Backpack is a must-have if you plan to take your dog everywhere with you. For a more stylish option for shorter treks and daily adventures, try the Kurgo K9 Rucksack. The K9 Rucksack is a Kurgo product built specifically for integrating your dog into your regular lifestyle.

With the Kurgo Baxter Pack, your dog carries his own essentials. The saddle-bag design will hold water, food, treats, and more. Made of durable material, the pack has eight individual compartments. The ergonomic design contours to your dog’s unique body frame and spine for optimal comfort. There is also a built-in handle on the pack that lets you lift your dog to carry the pet over rough terrain or offer walking assistance when needed.

Check out our full selection of Kurgo Dog Gear for your next dog-friendly adventure. Shop other dog accessories, dog food, dog toys, dog treats and more here at Homes Alive Pets.