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  1. Kurgo Core Cooling Vest for Dogs
    Kurgo Core Cooling Vest for Dogs
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Kurgo Cooling Vests

Summertime heat is brutal on your furry friend. When a cool-down is needed, turn to the Kurgo Cooling Vest. The lightweight vest helps your pup more effectively manage his core body temperature through an innovative evaporative design. Your canine buddy will appreciate the cool sensation of the vest on a long walk or hike.

With the Kurgo Core Cooling Vest, a quick cool down for your dog has never been easier. Simply apply chilly water to the vest to saturate the material. Wring out the excess water and place the vest on your dog. The evaporation of the water helps your dog’s body effectively release heat so your doggo feels instantly cooler and more comfortable. Even the vest’s coloration helps to reflect the sun’s heat to further make your canine companion more at ease when outdoors. Any time your dog’s temperature spikes, use the Kurgo Canada core cooling vest so your dog feels instantly refreshed.

The side buckles on the Kurgo dog core cooling vest let you adjust the vest for a proper fit. The reversible zipper on the back provides you with access so you can attach a leash to the dog’s collar or harness. Choose from small, medium, or large sizes. Any time you are planning a summertime outing, remember to pack the Kurgo dog cooling vest and a bottle of water to bring instant relief to your furry pal on a sweltering day. You’ll also want to explore other Kurgo pet products so you can gear up for any outing with your furry friend.

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