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KONG Cat Toys & Treats FAQs

What are KONG cat toys and treats?

KONG cat toys and treats are a range of interactive toys and treats designed for cats, made by the company KONG. These products are designed to promote physical and mental stimulation, encourage healthy chewing behaviour, and provide interactive playtime.

What types of KONG toys are available for cats?

KONG toys for cats come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including classic rubber toys, crinkle balls, stuffed toys, and wobblers. These toys are designed to stimulate a cat's natural hunting instincts and keep them engaged and entertained.

What types of KONG treats are available for cats?

KONG treats for cats come in a variety of flavours and formats, including treat dispensers, soft treats, and dental treats. These treats are designed to be both tasty and healthy for your cat.

Are KONG toys and treats safe for cats?

Yes, KONG toys and treats are made with non-toxic, durable materials and are designed to be safe for cats to use under supervision.

How do I select the right size KONG toy for my cat?

The size of the KONG toy you select depends on your cat's size and play behaviour. KONG offers a sizing guide on their website to help you select the appropriate size toy for your cat.

Where can I purchase KONG cat toys and treats?

KONG cat toys and treats are available for purchase at Homes Alive Pets. shop our favourite KONG cat teasers, wands, balls, and catnip toys.

Shop Kong Cat Toys in Canada

With these KONG cat toys, you can make sure your cat's laser-catching skills are on point and add excitement to playtime with a Kong catnip toy, a Kong teaser wand, or a Kong kitten toy. No age limits apply here - these toys will make a kitten's eyes light up and bring out the inner kitten in any grumpy old cat.

Kong cat toys know that your feline needs exciting and safe toys to encourage exercise and playtime. At Homes Alive Pets, you'll find a variety of fun Kong cat toys, Kong kitten toys, Kong catnip toys and much more to keep your pretty kitty entertained and active.

Catnip is one of the most effective tools to encourage playtime. Kong catnip toys are perfect for both solo and interactive playtime. They are filled with Premium Kong Catnip to engage your cat's senses. Or try a Kong teaser wand to get your cat jumping, pouncing, and rolling.

For young cats that are still learning how to play and what they like, Kong kitten toys offer a variety of small and interactive kitten toys to help your kitten burn energy and explore! Kitten Kong toys are lightweight and safe for young cat's to toss, chew, and chase.

We ship all of our Kong cat toys Canada-wide right to your door. Pop over to our kitty gift shop to find more fun and exciting cat toys, cat treats, and cat accessories for your fluffy friend.