HomeoPet Feline Digestive+ Drops

by Homeo Pet
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  • Provides relief from minor digestive problems in cats
  • Helps with issues such as diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite & constipation
  • Suitable for cats of all life stages
  • 100% Natural
  • 15 mL bottle with dropper
  • Minimum 450 drops per bottle

HomeoPet Feline Digestive+ Drops provides relief from minor digestive problems in cats including vomiting, diarrhea and retained or repeated gas. It is fast-acting and can be used for kittens, adults and senior cats. 

Available in 15 mL bottle with dropper - minimum 450 drops.


Weight (lbs) Recommended Daily Dose
Kittens less than 1lb 2 drops in 237 ml of water 3 times/day
1 - 20 5 drops 3 times/day
20+ 10 drops 3 times/day

In acute cases (those with sudden onset), the doses can be given every 15 minutes, up to 4 doses. For cases that are not acute (chronic, long-term problems), one dose 3 times daily.  When improvements are seen, reduce dosing frequency. After two days, stop dosing if the improvement is maintained. The original dose should be repeated if symptoms reappear.

Under 1 lb:  All pets under 1 lb should be dosed by putting 2 drops in the drinking water daily.

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