Pill Pockets

Make medication time significantly more enjoyable for you and your pet with Greenies Pill Pockets. They make just the right incentive for your cat or dog to take those very important pills or supplements.

Available in a variety of delicious flavours like duck and pea, peanut butter, and chicken, these tasty chews will make your pet think they're getting a treat when it comes time to medicate. They'll be so happy they may not even notice the medication! Pill Pockets are made in tablet and capsule form to be compatible with a variety of medication and supplement types. Make your job less painful and tedious and "treat" your cat or dog with these Greenies Pill Pockets.

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    Greenies Pill Pockets Chicken - Small
    Greenies Pill Pockets - Chicken Flavor
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    Greenies Pill Pockets Duck - Small
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    Greenies Pill Pockets Hickory - Small
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    Greenies Pill Pockets Peanut Butter - Small

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