GF Pet All Terrain Dog Boots

by GF Pet
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  • Sock-style boots for dogs
  • Suitable for snow, rain, ice, or hot pavement
  • Velcro straps - Adjustable & keeps paws secure
  • Lightweight, water-resistant, & warm
  • Durable & ultra-grip sole 
  • Comes in a pack of four boots
  • Available in one colour pattern - Charcoal Grey
  • Multiple sizes available - Ranging from XXS - XXL

GF Pet All Terrain Dog Boots are the perfect sock-style boot for any season or terrain. These boots are flexible, durable, lightweight, and water-resistant. This makes them suitable for snow, rain, ice, or hot pavement. The All Terrain Dog Boots are easy to put on and feature a velcro strap that is adjustable and keeps paws secure. 

This product comes in a pack of four boots in the colour pattern, Charcoal Grey, and comes in multiple sizes, ranging from XXS - XXL. Please see the specifications tab for sizing and care instructions. 

Size Guide 

To measure, place your dog's paw firmly and flat to the ground, and measure the length of their paw from front to back. Starting the measurement at the top of their nails and measure to the back of their paw pad, where the paw stops touching the ground. Alternatively, you may trace your dog's paw onto a piece of paper, then use a ruler to measure the length of their paw (from nails to the back of the paw pad).

GF Pet suggests measuring both the front and back paws, as some dogs' hind paws are different in size than their front paws.

To put on the boots, insert your dog's paw into the end of the boot. When your dog is standing, secure the strap to hold the boots comfortably in place. You may choose to leave the sock up or fold it over.

Size Measurement (inches / cm)
XXS 1-1/4" / 3.2 cm
XS 1-1/2" / 3.8 cm
S 1-3/4" / 4.5 cm
M 2" / 5.1 cm 
L 2-1/4" / 5.7 cm
XL 2-1/2" / 6.4 cm
XXL 2-3/4" / 7 cm

Care and Materials

Hand wash or machine wash cold on a delicate cycle. Then hang to dry Please ensure to loosely do up the velcro straps before washing. Do not bleach, iron, or dry clean. 

The GF Pet All Terrain Dog Boots are made from 50% Cotton, 40% Rubber, 5% Polyester, and 5% Spandex.