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  1. Furminator Nail Grinder - Alternate View
    Furminator Nail Grinder
    List Price: $56.99 Our Price: $42.99 Our Price: $42.99 You Save: $14.00 (25%)
  2. Furminator Dual Brush
    Furminator Dual Brush
    List Price: $31.49 Our Price: $25.49 Our Price: $25.49 You Save: $6.00 (19%)
  3. Furminator DeShedding Ultra Premium Conditioner
    Furminator DeShedding Ultra Premium Conditioner
    List Price: $21.99 Our Price: $18.49 Our Price: $18.49 You Save: $3.50 (16%)
  4. Dog Furminator DeShedding Tool - Short Hair Small
    Dog Furminator DeShedding Tool - Short Hair Small
    List Price: $71.99 Our Price: $56.99 Our Price: $56.99 You Save: $15.00 (21%)
  5. Dog Furminator DeShedding Tool - Long Hair Small
    Dog Furminator DeShedding Tool - Long Hair Small
    List Price: $71.99 Our Price: $56.99 Our Price: $56.99 You Save: $15.00 (21%)

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Best known for their FURminator deshedding tools, FURminator continues to raise the bar for innovative pet shedding and grooming solutions. With a line of deshedding brush tools, grooming supplies, shampoos, and hair products, FURminator is committed to enhancing your experience with your pet and reducing stress and cleaning time due to shedding.

The Ultimate Hair Reduction System - Use a combination of FURminator grooming tools to brush, deshed, and bathe your pet, as well as discard the unwanted fur.

Brush Daily. Deshed Weekly. Bathe Monthly. Discard As Needed.

The FURminator deshedding tool reduces loose hair from shedding up to 90% with regular use. The teeth of the FURminator reach through your pet’s topcoat to remove any loose undercoat fur that would otherwise lead to shedding on your clothing and furniture. The ergonomic handle makes this tool comfortable and easy to use and the curved edge allows it to glide smoothly across your pet’s body surface. You can easily discard collected hair with the FURejecter button on top of the tool.

At Homes Alive Pets, we are happy to offer a full range of FURminator deshedding tool choices for all of your pet’s grooming needs. Whether you need a FURminator for dogs or a FURminator for cats, we are confident you’ll find the best deshedding brush to meet your pet’s needs.

FURminator is a collection of grooming products not just focused on deshedding. Yes, the brand’s reputation skyrocketed to success when they designed the best deshedding tool for dogs, but they have branched out and now offer FURminator nail clippers, nail grinders, hair collection tools, bathing brushes, and an easy-to-use home hair sweeper.

You’ll find FURminator for poodles and other non-shedding breeds to help evenly distribute oils when grooming so your pooch looks fabulous on a day-to-day basis. Even kitties will benefit from the FURminator collection of grooming supplies. The FURminator finishing comb helps to tackle tangles in long hair cat breeds such as Persians to keep the kitty’s fur healthy and mat-free. Or deshed your fluffy feline with the FURminator deshedding tool for cats.

Whether your pet has long or short hair, daily brushing keeps not only the fur healthy but also the animal’s skin by promoting improved blood circulation. The FURminator Large Soft Slicker Brush is designed for your pet’s natural body contours which makes it ideal for daily brushing. It effectively removes dirt and debris, detangles, and smooths the pet’s coat without pulling.

The FURminator Dual Brush is another versatile must-have tool to add to your grooming arsenal. You can add it to your to-go bag so you can quickly groom your pooch at the dog park or anywhere.

Another big part of grooming is bath time. With FURminator Deshedding Shampoo and Conditioner, you can moisturize your dogs coat with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, chamomile, and aloe vera to reduce shedding. Use the FURminator Dog and Cat Bathing Brush to gently scrub your pooch and remove loose fur during bathing.

Grooming is an important bonding experience between you and your pet. Most animals enjoy daily gentle brushing. With the FURminator’s full line of pet grooming tools, you can keep your pup or kitty looking sharp and healthy.

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