Company Of Animals Coachi Toilet Training Bells

by Company of Animals
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  • Functional toilet training aid
  • Dog gently taps bells to signal when she needs to go out
  • Helps prevent whining, scratching & barking
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages
  • Adjustable length

You can make potty training simple and fun with Company Of Animals Coachi Toilet Training Bells. Instead of having your dog scratching, barking, or whining when nature calls, you can teach them to gently tap the bells with their nose, tail, or paw to grab your attention, and with 3 loud and clear individual bells, you will hear!

The bells can be easily attached to a hook or your doorknob thanks to the loop at the end of the strap. It is recommended that the bells are positioned at your dog's head height, which can be done by adjusting the strap length as needed. They are made of a stylish two-tone padded material and are easy to wipe clean. Please see the specification tab for more information about this product.


Size Measurements (W x L*)
One Size 2.5 x 90 cm | 1 x 35 in

*Maximum length.