Boxiecat Air Lightweight Premium Clumping Cat Litter - Gently Scented

by Boxiecat
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  • All-natural, plant based, gently scented litter
  • Decreases and eliminates ammonia odours
  • AirTight Clumping - instantly clumps at the top of the litter box for easy scooping
  • 99.9% dust-free & minimal tracking
  • biodegradable, sustainable and renewable formula
  • Available in a 6.5 lb and a 28 lb bags
  • Sourced and made in the USA

For a clean and fresh litter box that is light and uses no clay, try out Boxiecat Air Lightweight Premium Clumping Cat Litter. This gently scented formula is made with an only renewable, biodegradable and sustainable plant-based formula that still decreases and eliminates ammonia odours that linger in the litter box. 

This plant-based litter will offer an easy cleaning experience thank to its quick clumping, odour locking AirTight clumps. Instantly clumping on the top of the litter surface, easy to scoop and won't crumble while scooping up, keeping the litter clean and dry. You can breath easy knowing that this litter is dust-free so no dust cloud will puff up during light or complete litter box cleaning. 

Boxiecat Air Lightweight Premium Gently Scented Litter uses no fillers and no harsh chemicals, please see the specifications tab for more information. Available in a 2.95 kg (6.5 lb) and 5.22 kg (11.5 lb) bags, sourced and made in the USA.


For the best experience with Boxiecat Air Lightweight Cat Litter:

1) With a clean litter box fill it with 3-4" of litter, it is recommended to scoop daily

2) Keep the litterbox filled at the recommended 3-4" for the best odour control and clumps

3) Once a month replace all used litter and replace with fresh litter

After dealing with cat litter, please wash your hands. Dispose of spoiled litter in the trash and do not flush in toilets or pipes. 


Plant based lightweight litter (proprietary formula)