Be One Breed Slow Feeder for Cats

by Be One Breed
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  • Slow feeder designed for cats
  • Helps slow down cats who gulp their food down
  • Prevents bloating and upset tummies
  • Slip-resistant bottom
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can be used with kibble or wet food
  • Available only in one size

The Be One Breed Slow Feeder for Cats is a great way to make your cat take its time eating while giving him a challenge. The feline designed slow-bowl helps to prevent health concerns such as bloat, indigestion, regurgitation, and obesity by preventing your cat from scarfing down its food. This slow feeder also mentally stimulates your feline to encourage him to paw and move the food around to reach it. On the bottom of the slow feeder is three slip-resistant parts that prevent your cat from cheating by tipping and pushing the feeder.

Be One Breed Slow Feeder can be used for both kibble and wet food. This feeder is dishwasher safe and available only in one size; please see the specifications tab for more information.

Be One Breed Slow Feeder Specifications

Measurement:  20x20x2 cm (8x8x0.7")

Please supervise your pet with this feeder; this is not a chew toy. If the product gets damaged, please remove the product. Do not microwave.