Baxter & Bella Fine Massage Brush

by Baxter & Bella
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  • Massage brush for dogs
  • Fine bristle design with firm, flexible rubber bristles and long bristles with four small round ends
  • Aids with removing loose fur and rejuvenates natural oils
  • Great for increasing circulation
  • Can be used for bathtime for a deep clean
  • Available in one size - ideal for medium to large dog breeds, all hair types

Baxter & Bella Fine Massage Brush is the perfect grooming accessory for your best friend. Designed to not only give your dog a massage but also helps remove loose fur while rejuvenating the oils in your dog's skin and increasing circulation. The brush is designed with firm, and flexible rubber bristles with long bristles with four small round ends for an effective massage and can also be used in bathtime to work shampoo for a deep clean. 

Baxter & Bella Fine Massage Brush is available in one size and is ideal for small and medium dog breeds of all hair types; please see the specifications tab for more information.


In a circular motion, brush your dog from head to toe and brush in the direction the coat grows.