Bold by Nature+ Salmon & Wild Ocean Fish Oil

by Bold by Nature
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  • Skin & Coat supplement for dogs and cats 
  • Made with salmon and wild ocean fish oil
  • Supports skin & coat health - Excellent source of Omega 3s
  • Promotes heart health and cognition
  • Suitable for adult dogs and cats of all breeds 
  • Available in a 473 mL bottle
  • Produced in Canada

Bold by Nature+ Salmon & Wild Ocean Fish Oil is a great supplement for your dog or cat's skin and coat health. This supplement contains salmon and wild ocean fish oil, which are packed with omega-3 fatty acids that help to make your pet's skin healthy and their coat soft. Additionally, the DHA, DPA, and EPA found in this product promote heart health and healthy cognition.

This product is suitable for adult dogs and cats of all breeds. Please see the specifications tab for further details. Bold by Nature+ Salmon & Wild Ocean Fish Oil is available only in a 473 mL bottle. Produced in Canada.

Feeding Instructions

This product is recommended for dogs and cats only. Please administer by pumping the recommended amount onto your pet's foo, mix, and serve.

Weight of Pet Pumps per Day (1 pump= 1 mL)
Under 15 lb 1 pump
16 - 25 lb 2 pumps
25 - 50 lb 4 pumps 
50 - 100 lb 6 pumps
Over 100 lb 8 pumps 
Each pump delivers EPA (140 mg), DHA (95 mg), DPA (15 mg), Total Omega 3s (250 mg).

Estimated Number of Servings

Average Weight of Pet Supply in Months
Under 50 lb (approx) Up to 10 Month Supply
Over 50 to 80 lb (approx) Up to 4 Month Supply
Over 80 lb (approx) 2 month Supply


Do not feed this product to pets with bleeding disorders unless directed by a veterinarian.

Do not exceed the recommended dose, unless specifically instructed by a veterinarian.

Store out of light and refrigerate after opening. Please keep out of reach of children.

Wild Salmon Oil (50%), Wild Ocean Fish Oil Blend (anchovy, sardine, mackeral; 50%)