Baci+ Buco+ Dental Care for Dogs 15 kg and More

by Baci+
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  • Oral health products for dogs 15 kg and more
  • Formulated to help with bad breath, plaque and tartar by eliminating the gingipain enzyme
  • Fast-acting, natural with no after taste
  • Easy to use - sprinkle evenly onto your pet's food
  • Suitable for dogs 15 kg and over, six months and older
  • Available in a 35 g packaging contains 35 one-gram sachets 
  • Made in Canada
Made in Canada
Made in Canada

Buco+ by Baci+ is a powdered formula made to aid with the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums, formulated to specifically target the gingipain enzyme that is created by an anaerobic bacteria called Porphyromonas. This specific enzyme decreases gum health and can lead to bacteria increase that leads to bad breath, plaque and tooth loss. 

Buco+ is natural, fast-acting and is easy to use, by using a sachet and sprinkling onto your pet's food it starts to work its magic to help keep your pet's teeth healthy and has no after taste. Suitable for dogs 15 kg (33 lbs) and over, six months or older, please see the specifications tab for more information. Available in a 35 g packaging that contains thirty-five sachets. Made in Canada.

How to Use:

Sprinkle one sachet evenly onto your pet's food once per day. After fifty-six days transition to a twice per week or when needed for maintenance and prevention. 

Do no refrigerate product, store in a cool and dry place. 

Ovo protein (egg yolk), pharmaceutical-grade prebiotic fibre, FRT BSNI-strain Bacillus subtilis.