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Leon & Evan

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What is Homes Alive Rewards?

Earn Points. Save Money

We think Homes Alive pets are the best and the healthiest pets. You deserve rewards for taking care of your pets so well, so we offer points on every purchase. You may then redeem those points in-store or online, just like cash.

Coupons Every Month

Quality doesn’t always have to be expensive. In fact, we try very hard to offer you the best value possible. That is why we offer valuable coupons every month. Think of it this way. If we get a deal, you’re going to get a deal. We’ll pass it on to you. Deal?

We're Canadian Too

Not only are we Canadian, we are proud to be a local business that participates and gives back to our communities. We offer local and regional brands. We participate with local shelters and rescues. We really are a part of your community, and you are a part of ours.

FREEquent Feeders

When your dog eats as well as yours, we know there is no feeling better than a free bag of food. Our Freequent Program offers one free bag of food for each designated amount (ex. 10) of bags you purchase.

Our Story

Homes Alive is a family owned and operated business, operated by a father-son duo (Leon & Evan). Although Homes Alive Pets is only 6 years old, we have a long history in the pet industry. We are excited to share our story with you...

The Beginnings

In 1974, Eldon (Leon's father) had a fondness for pets. He began breeding Rough Collies, and canaries and sold pet and craft supplies out of his garage in Duchess, Alberta. He expanded the business to a shopping mall in Brooks in 1976, and continued to operate this business under the name "Ropp's Pet & Hobby". It was in this location that Evan remembers cleaning out hamster cages, and visiting his grandparents at their pet store.

The Transition

Due to Eldon experiencing strokes Joe (Leon's brother), returned from University in 1997 to continue the family business.

Joe grew the business in Brooks for many years, and developed a reputation of quality, service, and provided very knowledgable information to local customers.

Homes Alive Pets was Born

In 2007, Leon and his family moved back to Canada after working at an Orphanage and Daycare in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Unsure of the next steps, Leon noticed an opportunity in Lethbridge for a different kind of pet store. A pet store that represented the foundations that his brother had built, but provided better selection, a better shopping experience, and better value on quality products. Leon partnered with his brother, changed the business name to Homes Alive Pets, and opened it's doors in Lethbridge in August of 2009.

A Father-Son Duo

In 2013, Leon's son (Evan) graduated from University, and moved back to Lethbridge with his wife to get involved in the family business. It didn't take long for Evan and Leon to realize that they had a special partnership. With Evan's emphasis on people, customers, and technology, and Leon's emphasis on systems and operations, Homes Alive began to grow quickly in Lethbridge. (Note: After 15 years in the industry, Joe passed the torch on to Evan and is now an organic farmer with his family).

On to Edmonton

Homes Alive always had the intention to grow, and Evan and Leon decided that they were finally ready. When asked why they chose Edmonton, there are many reasons. They believe that Edmonton is ready for a new type of pet store. They are ready for a pet store that offers quality and selection. A pet store that doesn't sell pets and offers quality advice. A pet store that is big and local. A pet store that offers regional brands at value pricing. We believe that Edmonton will love Homes Alive Pets, and we look forward to serving you. Leon and his family moved to operate the new store, and Evan and his family will remain in Lethbridge.

A Timeline

  • 1976 - Eldon began Ropp's Pet & Hobby in his garage
  • 1985 - Ropp's Pet & Hobby moved to Cassils Centre Mall in Brooks Alberta
  • 1995 - Eldon's stroke
  • 1996 - Joe & his wife took over Ropp's Pet & Hobby
  • 1999 - Ropp's Pet & Hobby changed to Ropp's Pet Paradise
  • 2008 - Leon partnered with Joe
  • 2009 - Ropp's Pet Paradise became Homes Alive Pets
  • 2010 - Homes Alive Pets opened doors in Lethbridge
  • 2011 - Homes Alive sold Brooks location
  • 2012 - Evan moved back to Lethbridge with wife and partnered in business
  • 2012 - Homes Alive launched e-commerce site - www.homesalive.ca
  • 2013 - Homes Alive stopped selling pets
  • 2015 - Homes Alive expands to Edmonton

Our Mission To Enrich Lives

To enrich the lives of pets.

We enhance pet well-being through the promotion of responsible pet ownership, proper customer education, and natural, wholesome solutions to pet problems.

To enrich the lives of our customers.

We help identify and alleviate pet problems by fostering conversation and offering natural, wholesome solutions to nurture positive pet experiences in our customers.

To enrich the lives of the people we work with.

Whether they are co-workers, suppliers, or sales representatives, we affirm individual worth by being respectful, honest, humble, and empathetic with the people we encounter.

To enrich the lives in our community.

We are each part of a broader community, locally and globally. As a business, we are committed to adding value to the lives around us: pet shelters & rescues, as well as humanitarian initiatives, on both a community and an international level.

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