Exo Terra Repti Clear F250 Terrarium Filter

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  • 3-stage submersible filter
  • Biological, chemical and mechanical filtration
  • Built for terrariums and aqua-terrariums
  • Quick set-up
  • Easy to use and maintain

The Repti Clear F250 Terrarium Filter is a 3-stage water filtering system that results in optimal water filtration.

The three filter cartridges handle a large filter volume and provide effective mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. The 3-stage filtration system has very effective flow control and allows alternate replacement, keeping biological filter activity continuous. The Repti Clear Terrarium Filter provides airflow control and a water flow adjuster.

The filter has two spouts:

  • A 180° spout to connect the tubing.
  • a 90° degree swivel spout that allows you to direct the flow output and make changes to the flow pattern in the aquarium or terrarium.