Repashy SuperHatch Incubation Media

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  • Inert, neutral, 100% natural mineral blend - lasts years without breaking down
  • Helps control the quick release of water - causes surface moisture and condensation
  • Does not float or compact
  • Easy to monitor moisture levels - media changes colour based on moisture
  • 100% Arcillite
  • 64 oz (4 lbs) bag

Repashy SuperHatch Incubation Media is an egg incubation media with excellent porosity and internal structure size. This allows the media to hold the moisture for longer with a slower rate of evaporation.


Place media in a strainer or in a porous bag. Soak in water for a few minutes, remove and let drip dry. Empty SuperHatch out into your incubation container. Fill container approx 3/4 full. Add eggs, and you are finished.

Use the largest incubation container possible. A 16 ounce container is the minimum recommended size for a pair of gecko eggs, and a shoe box sized container for 10-20 eggs. The larger the container, the less drastic environmental changes can effect the conditions inside your container.