Solids Handling Pumps

Solids handling pumps provide continuous and reliable water circulation. Their prefilter cages catch the large debris, while still allowing small debris to pass through the pump. This makes them less likely to clog, which means less maintenance for you. Solids handling pumps are ideal for waterfalls, filters, and skimmer applications.

If you are needing to place your pump inside a filter, we recommend Aquascape\'s AquaSurge Pumps, whereas if you are needing a submersible pump to place in your pond, we recommend either Laguna Max-Flo or Aquascape AquaForce Pumps.

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  1. AquaSurge Waterfall Pump
    AquaSurge Pond Pumps
    Starting from: $349.99
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    AquaForce Pond Pump
    AquaForce Pond Pumps
    Starting from: $178.49 Starting from: $209.99
    Starting from: $178.49
  3. Max-Flo 600 Pond Pump
    Laguna Max-Flo Pond Pumps
    Starting from: $164.99
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    AquaForce Pro 4000-8000 Solids Handling Pump
    AquaForce Pro 4000-8000 Pump
    Special Price $569.49 was $669.99

6 Items

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