Pawbreakers MegaBonkas Catnip Ball

by Pawbreakers
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  • 3.3 oz catnip ball
  • Made from 100% USA Organic Catnip
  • Nutritious, fun, safe and hypoallergenic 
  • Very little mess
  • Contains no sugar, soy, gluten, wheat, colouring or animal products
  • Made in the USA

The Pawbreakers MegaBonkas Edible Catnip Toy is a combination of catnip and a toy all roll into one. Made from 100% high-quality all-natural USA organic catnip, this large 3.3 oz (0.2 lbs) solid ball is safe for any housecat to bat, roll, chase and bite into and will leave very little mess with each playtime. 

MegaBonkas contains no sugar, soy, gluten, wheat, colouring or animal products, please see the specifications tab for more information; Made in the USA.

Product Measurements

5.7 cm (2.25") Diameter

This is not a child's toy, please do not throw Pawbreakers Catnip Ball at animals or people as it may cause injury. Please supervise your cat with pawbreakers and remove toy if there are any visible signs of deterioration. 

100% USA Organically Grown Catnip