Nature's Miracle Litter Box Scrubbing Wipes for Cats

by Nature's Miracle
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  • Effectively clean & eliminate tough stains, dried waste & odours in the litter box
  • Great for cleaning up caked on debris
  • Safe and non-toxic for cats
  • Contains Yucca extract to combat tough odours
  • Clean, refreshing scent
  • Each package contains 30 dot wipes

Use Nature's Miracle Litter Box Scrubbing Wipes when your cat's litter box need a deep, thorough cleaning. These dot wipes are great for scrubbing and removing caked on debris from the litter pan and can be used to wipe off the entire exterior and interior.

These scrubbing wipes safely and effectively cut through hard-to-clean stains and dried cat waste and the yucca extract they contain combats foul odours and leaves behind a refreshing, clean scent. Each package contains 30 wipes.